Hey Bill! Got questions? Here's the tea...and when you're ready, just click this button to get your lunch on!


Your menu is different than what I saw last week. Do you change it?

YES. Our menu rotates every two weeks...

We are a small batch shop with a tiny kitchen, so we rotate our menu every two weeks so we can:

1) offer more amazing options

2) not get bored

3) keep the party rollin'!

BUT that tasty sandwich will be back in a few weeks! And we post our updated menu every week on Instagram and Facebook on our stories...and update every Wednesday on our website! (Pro tip: you can pre-order starting on Wednesday as well.)


Do you have gluten free options?

YES. We use Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Wheat or White depending on availability! SIDE NOTE: Most of our fried chicken, fried zucchini, fried mushrooms, etc are gluten friendly! Ask us about any sandwich and we'll let you know!



Why are you only open 4 days?

Well Bill, we are big fans of sanity. We have a small crew. And in order to be open THURS-SUN we have to prep and shop Tuesday and Wednesday to make it all happen. Which means us main Bills only get ONE day off.

However, as we build our team AND make sure everyone is getting rest, then we will scale up and increase our availability. Thank you for continuing to support us as we grow!